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Call for investment in a research and implementation venture of a control and feedback propulsion program that incorporates advanced technology, leading to self-efficacy and internal control focus - in a healthy lifestyle - for type 2 diabetics
LifeTec is engaged in the development and operation of a unique behavioral-nutritional program, which is run as an advanced technology (AI) system that enables those with type 2 diabetes to transition to a healthy diabetic lifestyle while balancing their blood sugar levels (at the level of healthy blood sugar levels). For a health condition that allows (through medical control authorized) a condition - a healthy lifestyle balanced - even without medication.
The LifeTec system is an applied integration, research-based integration of research from four main areas:
A. Behavioral Economics (Motivation and Decision Processes)
B. Behavioral Sciences (Change Process)
C. Advanced Technology (Artificial Intelligence)
D. Personalized Health (Escort, Support, Control, and Feedback)
The unique program, in a preliminary technology version (beta) developed by LifeTec, launched for use by type 2 diabetics, is coming soon (within a few weeks).
The goal now is to complete the next stage of the technological system development, to enable any type 2 diabetic in the world, to lead himself/herself through it, to a healthy, diabetic lifestyle, and to pursue it independently, continuously and steadily, in their lives.
The activity began about three years ago (2016). During this period, over 1500 people with type-2 diabetes accomplished the process with success and achieve a healthy from diabetes lifestyle. They did it with the method of one-to-one meetings.
The activity, development, and control of the LifeTec program accompanied by a professional, medical, and research team composed of leading experts in their field:
  • Professor MD, a leading expert in diabetes care in Israel. With extensive experience combining and accompanying hundreds of clinical studies in this field.
  • An international research professor with extensive experience in diabetes research. He has done many studies in Israel and around the world, lecturer in medical school.
  • Ph.D., Senior Pharmacologist, Lecturer at the School of Pharmacology. She holds senior positions in the field of pharmaceuticals in Israel, including diabetes.
  • Ph.D., for clinical nutrition with many years of work in diabetes and eating disorders.
So far, $ 0.5 M has been invested in the venture.
We are now applying for another, the short and fast recruitment process of up to $ 1 M.
For us, the above fundraising can also come from several investors.
A minimum investment required (in an investor group), at least $ 100,000 per investor.
Investors who wish to receive more information are welcome to contact Eyal

Eyal Cochva
Tl +972-50-9375123
Or by E-mail:
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